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Property Headlines First-time buyer growth in Greater London
First-time buyer activity has seen growth in Greater London over recent months.
House price rise continued in August
A rise in UK house prices was witnessed in August.
'Heart' of Northstowe plans submitted
New plans for the development of Northstowe have been submitted.
Top buyer turn-offs revealed
The biggest turn-offs for home buyers have been highlighted.
Boys 'more likely to cause home damage'
UK homeowners more likely to suffer property damage if they have boys than girls.
Household bills 'a worry for many'
Millions of Brits are facing a cost of living crisis in the UK.
House building 'continues to grow'
Housing starts across England have continued to increase over recent months.
DIY disasters 'could impact house price'
Homeowners continue to cause damage to their property through DIY disasters.
Interest rate rise 'a concern' for almost half of homeowners
A rise in interest rates would be a concern for more than two-fifths of households.
New community development in Northumberland
A 'groundbreaking' new development in Northumberland is underway.
Homeowners 'are losing DIY skills'
DIY skills can help homeowners keep their property in top condition.
Quick viewings 'could cost buyers dearly'
Home buyers should be examining properties closely before completing a purchase.
Brandon Lewis visits Walsall development
New houses are being swiftly built in Walsall.
Major investment to unlock new homes projects
A major investment in housing has been announced by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
Mortgage rules 'confusing half of all borrowers'
Many mortgage borrowers remain unaware of the changes to the sector that MMR has wrought.
Bidding round open for brownfield land developments
A new fund for development on brownfield land has been opened to developers.
Repossessions fall in first six months
UK repossession figures have proven positive during the first half of the year.
FMB: Greater diversity needed in London house building
Greater competition and diversity among house builders is required in the capital, the FMB has argued.
Landlords 'must remember their responsibilities'
Landlords across the UK must ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities in terms of providing safe and comfortable homes for tenants.
HCA submits Hampshire home building plans
Plans for new homes at a former military barracks in Hampshire have been announced.
Gross mortgage lending up in June
A significant increase in mortgage activity was recorded in the UK in June.
Right to Buy 'helping tenants to become homeowners'
Thousands of people have been helped in purchasing a home through the Right to Buy scheme.
Remortgage activity fell in Q2
A fall in remortgage activity has been seen in Q2.
Labour scheme 'could boost house building'
The FMB has backed Labour proposals to boost house building up and down the country.
Private investment 'could help councils build'
Councils across the country could benefit from an increased level of private investment in house building.
40,000 homes built through Help to Buy
Help to Buy has served to encourage more households to invest in new homes.
Ambitious partnership for Manchester housing
A new partnership to promote ambitious house-building plans in Manchester has been announced.
Public land disposal in Liverpool
The HCA has disposed of land in Liverpool that will help in the creation of new homes.
Many homeowners 'keen to install solar panels'
Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular home improvement addition for many Brits.
Home improvements are 'taking priority'
Many people will forego a family holiday to make home improvements this year.
Affordable Homes allocation announced
A significant proportion of the budget for the Affordable Homes Programme has now been allocated.

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